Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art Update - *insert joke about horns here*

I can't take my horns seriously anymore thanks to my fiancé; whenever we're at a craft show, he inevitably breaks into salesman mode by proclaiming, "You look like a guy who could use a pair of horns!", then tossing "horny" jokes back and forth with the visitors to my table. So far it hasn't worked too well, despite Josh's charisma and the shininess of said horns. Guess most people are just too normal for fun costume bits, although they do get a blast out of cracking jokes with us!

Since it's almost Halloween, I've been listing lots of horns in my shops. Some have sold, but some are still listed. There is still a bit of time to get them before Halloween, but Tuesday would probably be the last day they'd get somewhere within the US on time.

Pink and Black Dragon or Fairy Horns Pink and Black Dragon or Fairy Horns
Pink and Black Dragon Horns - Etsy and Artfire

Silver Dragon Costume Horns
Silver and Black Dragon Horns - Etsy and Artfire

Gold and Black Dragon Horns
Gold and Black Dragon Horns - Etsy and Artfire

And these horns are older ones, but figured I'd include them even though they've been listed for a while:
Orange and Black Halloween Dragon Horns
Orange and Black Horns - Etsy and Artfire

I had a few pairs that sold, but I can remake them (and I will at some point). These were purple, red, green, gold, blue and amber:
Purple and Black Dragon Horns Red Dragon Costume Horns

Green and Black Dragon Horns Golden Dragon Costume Horns

Blue and Black Dragon Costume Horns Copper Colored Amber Dragon Horns

Like I said, I don't have all listed right now, but I can remake them- as well as making them in even more colors (hey, I love collecting glitters!). These are all about 3" tall, but I can do them in other designs, too. These blue curled ones were my biggest, these small purples the daintiest, these green curled ones the fairyiest and the green vines were my favorite. ;)

And as I was writing this post, I finished up a pair of horns for a friend- well, a friend's husband- who wanted a simple, short black pair with no shininess or frills. This is what I came up with:
Black imp horns
Borrowing some imp horns. ;)

I was having trouble getting the horns to really show up on my mannequin head, so figured I'd wear them. ;) These are much shorter at only about 1 3/4" tall, and I scratched and sanded them to make them rough and more natural (and manly, I suppose!) than my usual style.

I have so much fun making these things. Not a lot of art I do is messy, so I very much enjoy working with clays and glitters and powders on these.

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