Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Update - Crochet time! (Plushies and ears)

Last catch-up blog post; these were the crocheted things I made as gifts for the holidays.

Arthalion Plushie

This doll was a gift for the same friend who got the purple and white bracelet in the last update. This is Arthalion, one of her characters. I remembered that this character was really into books, so I made sure to make one of those for him. (That's leather and linen fabric sewn together.) Most of the doll is crocheted from acrylic yarn, the buckles on his shirt are fabric paint, I painted his eyes, and his belt is felt. He's about 6" tall.

I made this doll to match this doll that I made her last year. I'm just happy whenever I get to make elf dolls. :D

More presents!

Two of these things I posted about in the last update, but that crocheted mouse was a gift for her new kitty. If her cat's anything like mine, he'll completely ignore it. Ah, cats. XD

Red dragon plushie
Red dragon plushie

Rawr! It's a blurry dragon! (I hate finishing art when it's not a bright sunny day, lol.) This was crocheted from a pattern I found on Ravelry and was a gift for a secret santa who is into fantasy. I figured a dragon who looks like Smaug would be a fun thing to give her. :) He's crocheted from acrylic yarn with orange-yellow safety cat eyes. If I remember right, he's a foot or so long; he's a pretty big plushie.

For the same friend I also made these fingerless gloves:
Blue fingerless gloves

And these elf ears weren't a gift (it was a custom order), but since it's crochet, I'll include it in this entry:
Green and Red Elf Ears

Blarg, yet another reason I hate winter; photos are always so dark and blurry indoors! But hey, costume ears. Who doesn't like green ears? ;)

I think I'm caught up with back entries- now I only have to remember to get around to blogging current art. We'll see how that works out. ;)


Patent Attorney said...

My vote for that adorable dragon!

Mohala Johnson said...

That dragon is adorable! Your newest fan and follower!


Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks! I think that's the second or third dragon I've made with that pattern; they're very cute! :)

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