Sunday, March 04, 2012

Art Update - Custom Cartilage Chain Earrings

I've been working on a lot of chain earrings recently, mostly involving custom orders. I always love custom orders with these because it lets me be creative and try out new ideas. :)

These ones were custom:
Key and cog silver, black and blue chain earring

Key and cog silver, black and blue chain earring: This was an earring I made special for someone who has five piercings in her right ear; I sketched out some designs and she liked the three-two idea best. The chain is a thin silver-plated and connects between two upper cartilages and the top lobe, then the two bottom lobe posts connect together. The cogs are handmade from polymer clay, the beads are a turquoise and black colored glass, and the key charms are metal.

This looks bunched up on the mannequin's ear, but that's because the mannequin isn't life-sized. On an actual person, this earring will look smaller.

Blue and Black Double Lobe Chain Earrings

Blue and Black Double Lobe Chain Earrings: This design was a custom order, too, but I'm really liking the idea of chain earrings between two lobe earrings (I'd done this once before), so I'm going to make more of this style for my shops at some point soon. I'm really happy with how much the blue beads match the blue rings in the chain, too!

Gold and purple chain earring

Gold and purple cartilage chain earring: I left the loop at the bottom empty on this earring because she's going to attach her own matching charm to the bottom. The chain is gold-colored copper, the earring posts are gold-colored metal, and the purple bead is glass.

Blue and silver plug double cartilage chain earring Silver plug double cartilage chain earring

Cartilage connecting chain plug earrings: These two earrings were requested by the same person; they wanted their gauged ear plugs turned into one of my cartilage chain earrings, so my fiancé and I worked to drill eyepin things into them for the chain to be connected to. That loop at the top is so the earring can slide onto a barbell cartilage earring (kind of like this earring).

Silver and Black Feather Connecting Cartilage Chain Earrings

Silver and Black Feather Connecting Cartilage Chain Earrings: This was my first try at using a premade chain rather than the chain I put together by hand, but I got a request for a thinner chain so I figured I'd try it. Luckily, it worked and I had smaller earring posts on hand than I usually use which fit this chain well. The chains and earring posts are silver-plated and the feathers are a silver-colored metal. There's actually a third earring that goes with this set that's for the left ear; that one just has the two lobe posts and a single chain like the right ear's (that's for if she wants to wear the earrings without the cartilage part sometimes).

Black, Blue and Purple Dragon Cartilage Chain Earring

Black, Blue and Purple Dragon Cartilage Chain Earring: This earring was a custom remake of this red/gold/silver version. I'm honestly not sure which color combination I like best, but now I want to make more of these in lots of different colors.

And new(ish) earrings for my shops:
Red and orange cartilage chain earring - Messenger's Feather

Red and orange cartilage chain earring - Messenger's Feather - Etsy and Artfire
This is kind of a remake of this brown/red/orange version because I ran out of some of the beads, but I realized after I'd made it that I forgot the brown and did two reds. Whoops! So at some point I'll make a new-new version that's brown again.

Blue and Silver Cartilage Chain Earring

Ice Crystals Blue and Silver Cartilage Chain Earring - Etsy and Artfire
Man, I seem to be on a color change kick recently. I ran out of beads on the original of this one, too, so remade it in just blue and silver (originally it was blue and purple).

I've been working on more chain earrings, too, so I'll share those in a later update. I do love earrings!


mirsini's creations said...

Hi Elfin friend :o) !!! I really like your chain earrings !! We have the same taste!!! I really like earrings too!!!
All your jewelries are wonderful!!! Great work!!
Have a good month and a great Spring!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing work as always. I can't wait to see what you come up with next to do. Maybe just maybe I can get brave enough to get my ears pierced so I can wear your pretties.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Aww, thanks, guys! :)

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