Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art Update - Yup, I'm an elf who makes far too many earrings

I haven't been completely slacking off with art updates, I swear! Last week I updated my writing blog with pictures from a photoshoot of the elf costume I've been putting together (it's on the writing blog because the costume is technically a cosplay of one of my characters). There's nothing I like better than wearing an elf costume; there's just something about getting to be someone else for a while and getting to wear pointy ears that makes me incredibly happy. :)

I'm not going to repost the whole thing (please just click that link above), but here's one of the photos:
Half-elf cosplay/costume

I have lots and lots of costume ideas, so assuming I can remember how to use a sewing machine and find one to borrow, I'll be doing more costume posts later this year. Anyone want to make a sewing machine magically appear for a certain elf-girl to use? ;)

Cartilage chain earrings:
Like usual, I've been working on some cartilage earrings over the past month or so. The first four of these were custom orders, the last is one in my shops.
Black and Silver Music Cartilage Chain Earrings
Black and Silver Music Cartilage Chain Earrings- A music-inspired pair of chain earrings with a double chain on the cartilage one.

Brown feather connecting lobe chain earrings
Brown feather connecting lobe chain earrings- This is a pair of chain earrings that both connect between two lobe piercings with double chains. The beads dangling are wood and the feather charms are pewter.

Purple and Yellow Feather Cartilage Chain Earring
Purple and Yellow Feather Cartilage Chain Earring- This connecting chain earring was a remake of this earring but in a different set of colors and with a cuff.

Brown and Green Feather Cartilage Chain Earrings
Brown and Green Feather Cartilage Chain Earrings- Another pair of connecting chain earrings for multiple piercings. I'm not sure why the colors are showing so blue in this; the links in the chain are the same as in this version of the earring.

Black and Green Shamrock Cartilage Chain Earring
Black and Green Shamrock Cartilage Chain Earring- This earring is a remake of this one since I ran out of the shamrock bead that I originally used. This is on Etsy and Artfire.

Ear Cuffs:
Larger cross ear cuff
Larger cross cartilage ear cuff- This one was a custom order for the person who also wanted this one:

Tiny cross ear cuff
Tiny cross ear cuff- This one is very tiny (only about 10mm long for the cross dangling), but it's subtle and cute. I did have enough charms to remake this one, so it's up on Etsy.

Black and Gold Crescent Moon Ear Cuff
Black and Gold Crescent Moon Ear Cuff- This ear cuff is pretty much this silver and black one, but with a color change. You can find this one on both Etsy and Artfire.

Wow, that's way more earrings than I thought I'd made. Sorry about the long post!


Angela said...

Gorgeous earrings! I found your blog through Aquariann's site and I'm thrilled! As a lover of all things elfling, I look forward to seeing more of your pages :-)

Meri Greenleaf said...

*waves!* Thanks! :D

Kristin Aquariann said...

You are adorable! And I love all of your new designs, especially the Black and Gold Crescent Moon Ear Cuff.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Aww, shucks, thanks! :D

Meri Greenleaf said...
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