Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art Update - A cat isn't very good crafting help

Part 2 of my frantic attempt to catch up with blogging the art I've been working on this summer. ...You know, I really need to train my cat to be my secretary or something. I mean, if she could flop down next to me while I was trying to pack, surely she could have been walking across my keyboard making blog posts for me, right? Right? Instead, she decided to make friends with my stuffed cardinal and mouse while I was throwing things into boxes:
Clara with her new friends

She's loving our new apartment, though! There aren't any dogs here and she gets to go wherever she wants and bug for as much food as she wants. At my parents' house there were two dogs who decided it was their job to keep the cat out of the kitchen when there was people food around. Clara's back to being queen of the castle, which is what she thinks her life's calling is- and dangit, she's right. I'm just happy she's happy- and she's even been playing again! It's been years since she chased any toys, so I guess that means she's feeling safe here. :)

Anyway, while I was packing/unpacking, the cat was also watching me work on a few orders. First up are a set of dice keychains that I made for someone's gaming group; the castle charms work great for something D&Dish. I love getting to play with dice so I'm still trying to convince my fiancé to drill holes in more of them. I have grand ideas for all sorts of jewelry using multi-sided dice!

Set of 6 gamer dice keychains

And here are closeups:

Castle dice keychains- yellow, grey, pink
Castle dice keychains - purple, green, blue

I also worked on a chainmaille necklace for one of my online friends. This was the first time I'd used rubber rings on a necklace (I'd only made bracelets) but it turns out that the rings work well for choker necklaces, too!

Black and Silver Rubber Chainmaille Choker Necklace/

Here's a picture of me wearing it so you can get an idea of the size:

Wearing my newest chainmaille necklace!

I'll be posting another art update soon; still have more to share before I'm caught up. ;)


Kat of EmKatCreations said...

OMGDS! I need one (or more) of those keychains. If I find the perfect d-20 can I send it to you so you can make it into awesomeness?

Meri Greenleaf said...

Sure! I also have a huge pile of dice that my fiancé hasn't gotten around to drilling holes into yet, so we might actually have something like you're looking for. Do you have a color preference? I could snap a picture of the D20s we have in that color. :)

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Do you have bright neon green?

Meri Greenleaf said...

I think we might have a clear green D20 like that- I'll check. :)

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

sweet. can you email me at EmkatCreations at gmail dot com and we can work everything out?

Meri Greenleaf said...

I sent you an email yesterday. :) Sorry for the delay!

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