Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trove Thursday - Snail Giveaway Time!

Do you like cute handmade things? Would you like to win one for free? Of course you do! The talented Star is celebrating making her 100th clay snail by doing a giveaway over on her blog.

All of her snails are adorable, well-made and unique, but the snail she's giving away is just mind-blowingly intricate! Check out Vadoma the fortune teller snail:

Vadoma the fortune teller snail

How cute is that! If you'd like to enter, just go over to her blog, share the link somewhere on the internet, and reply to her blog post with where you shared it. She'll be announcing the winner on Sunday, October 28th.

1 comment:

coltpixy said...

:) You're too kind. Thank you so much!

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