Sunday, November 04, 2012

Art Update - Writing, Art and Tarot

I'm doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time this year and I'm so excited! I've done some writing challenges before, but never one where I had to reach 50k! I'm going to aim for that goal, but honestly I'll be happy to pass 25k, which is the length of my longest story so far.

As of early on day 4, I'm at 5000 words so I'm on schedule. I'm hoping to get another 2k written today and finish up introducing my characters. I'm trying really hard to stay on par each day so I don't fall behind; I'm afraid if I fall behind, I won't be able to catch up.

Being an artist means that I can't just write, though! I'm already thinking of things I can make based on my story and last night I made the first: a tarot bag.

Green Shamrock Tarot Bag - closed

Green Shamrock Tarot Bag

Tarot plays an important part in my story; I've been doing research and teaching myself the meaning of the cards for all of October in order to prepare myself for writing. Each section of my story starts with a tarot reading representing what's going to happen in that chapter, so knowing the card meanings (or at least being pretty familiar with them) means I can ramble about what's to come in a nice, cryptic way. ;)

I'm really happy that I found this fabric in my stash of art supplies. The prophetess in my story is named Clover and carries a green pouch, so shamrocks are perfect!

The stitching at the top of the bag isn't perfect (in hindsight I should have done that before stitching up the sides, I think; I wasn't able to use the ribbon I wanted originally because I didn't leave enough room for one that thick), and it's a bit smaller than I wanted, but the tarot cards fit and that's the important part! And look- a drawstring! Usually I just sew up a bag and tie a ribbon around it to close it (like this runestone pouch) but I love that this actually closes without the ribbon being separate. :D

This morning I decided to break out one of my tarot decks and take a picture and turn that into the "cover" for my story since the NaNo site has a place to upload a cover. I decided to use the deck that I don't use for divination, mostly because I have trouble reading it (it doesn't have pictures for the numbered suit cards, just pips, really), but the court and major arcana cards have images similar to Waite, which is the one I've been teaching myself.

After playing around in Paintshop for a bit, this is what I came up with:

In the Cards- cover for my NaNo

When I eventually get the story edited and post it to my writing blog, I'm going to photograph the cards that correspond with each chapter; I figure that'll help any readers of my story know what the heck I'm talking about. ;) I might keep using this deck or I might use my others- I'm not really sure yet. I also want to work on more art, so if I get that made, I'll share that, too!

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