Thursday, November 01, 2012

I'm now a married elf-girl!

I'd wanted to post this earlier this week, but then hurricane Sandy decided to attack the east coast. Some people get married and have a honeymoon, I got married and had a hurricane. ;) On Friday, October 26th, my long-time fiancé Josh and I eloped! (Basically we got tired of waiting until we could afford our dream wedding. Who knows when that will be; we'd like to have a big celebration/renewal next year, though! That's when we'll have our dream Renaissance wedding with all of our friends and family there.)

It was a nice little ceremony performed by Josh's pastor at his church. We wrote our own vows (his was very sweet and ended with him quoting his D&D kobold, mine compared him to a paladin and referenced dice) and we poured green and blue sands into a vase for the unity part of the ceremony. I'm going to share lots of pictures from the wedding; unfortunately the church was dark, so they didn't come out overly clear (thank goodness for Paintshop!).

Putting the ring on his hand:

Josh putting the ring on my finger:

For now, it's just my engagement ring (it's in three pieces, so we used one of them as the wedding ring), but we're talking about getting ring tattoos, too. Right now my finger doesn't feel much different since it's still technically the same ring I've been wearing for five years- but hey, now it has more meaning, right? :)

Pouring the sand:

The kiss!

We're now officially husband and wife:

Here we are with the sand afterwards:

And another picture:

This is a better view of my dress:

I love my dress! I'd actually bought this years ago for a Herald of Valdemar cosplay, but figured if I needed it as a wedding dress (and couldn't get something I really loved), it would work. Turns out it was the perfect wedding dress! :D I made the chainmaille belt and hair feather cord, as well as some of the bracelets I was wearing (although you can't see these in the pictures).

I realized about two days before the wedding that I didn't have a bouquet. Eep! I looked online and saw how expensive they were (and remembered that I'm allergic to flowers), so I decided to try making my own from silk/fake flowers (and feathers!) from the craft store. I found a video tutorial online and was able to follow that enough to get a bouquet- yay, internet!

And I managed to sneak some of my favorite plant- English ivy- in there!

My sister picked up on blue and white as my wedding colors and decorated our parents house with them for a little party after. It was so pretty! And very nice of her! Here are me and Josh under the banner she made for us:

And cutting the cake:

It's so exciting to be married! I'm starting the process of changing my name (oh geez, talk about a lot of work!) and it's so weird to have a new last name! I had to sign it yesterday and had no idea how to since I don't actually know cursive- only the letters that made up my name. Needless to say, a capital "Y" has baffled me. It is making me glad that I usually go by "Meri Greenleaf" since that won't change. ;) I'm really rambling at this point, so I'm going to apologize for my utter excitement here!

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