Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Update - D&D themed geekiness

I love crafting and making art of any kind, but I always have the most fun when I get to be geeky with it. If there are dice involved, even better!

First up are a series of keychains that I made for an awesome customer and his gaming group. The dice used are all actual 20-sided dice; my husband drills these by hand so I can use them as beads. The keychains are all about 5 1/2" long.

Blue and Silver "Dungeon Master" Dragon Keychain
(Since "Dungeon Master" would be too long, this says "DMASTER" instead.)

Cleric D&D Keychain

Cleric Moon Keychain
(This one is this Cleric keychain changed slightly to have a moon instead of a sun.)

Druid Tree Keychain

I love making these D&D-inspired keychains- except I keep running out of "r"s because I've done ranger, cleric, druid, pirate, bard, rogue, "dmaster", priestess... too many D&D words use the letter "r", now that I think about it!


Keychains aren't the only recent geeky things, though! For Christmas I made a charm bracelet for a friend:

Ranger D&D Charm Bracelet
I tried to make this represent the ranger she plays in D&D. She likes blue, so I used some small blue dice beads. The leaves and feathers are for the whole "ranger" thing (I associate feathers with the fletching on arrows), the weapons that go along with that are swords, daggers and bows. The dragon is because the character is a "champion" of a silver dragon, the stag is there because that's the symbol of her love interest (or something like that), the clear stone is supposed to be a diamond to represent treasure, and the clasp has a little arrow hook.

That was the second charm bracelet I've ever made; the first was based on my characters: Writing Charm Bracelet
Technically not D&D, but this was inspired by the characters in the novel I'm writing- and that novel takes place in our D&D world. So close enough. ;) I have more pictures (and ramblings) about this here on my writing blog, but basically it represents the five characters (young priests/priestesses of various gods- they're the center 5 drops), two animal sidekicks (a mouse and fox- the outer/back 2 drops), and a bit of the plot (cards and a knight- the other two charms).

I'm glad this was a test bracelet for myself, though; I learned that the arrow charm functions as a grappling hook and keeps getting caught on everything. I had to finally remove this so I wouldn't end up pulling the entire bracelet apart. :(


And last up is a D&D plushie- one I made a year and a half ago! I had a few computer crashes since then, so I'd lost the file with the photos. (Or maybe the doll was off drinking rum. Thinking it was probably that one!)
Shocko (pirate) doll
This is Shocko, the pirate henchman in my D&D group. The drawing on the right is the one my husband did of the character, then I based the doll off of that. The doll's sword looks rather odd, but otherwise I'm really loving how this came out! He's mostly crocheted with some painted, clay, and felt details and is about 6" tall.

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