Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art Update - Geeky (and yarn-y) embroidery!

Sheesh, I think at this point I've been posting more art to my writing blog than I have here on my art blog! Time to change that. ;) I've been making tons of things over the past few months, but I'll update in small, bite-sized chunks; here I'm posting embroidery. These are things I'd started a while ago, but finally got around to finishing. (In case of some of the embroidery, I swear my craft bins ate the works-in-progress; the dice pouch was started two years ago!) The designs all came from Urban Threads, but I edited a few of them slightly.

First up are two framed embroideries that I'm going to be hanging on the wall of my studio (okay, it's the dining nook of our apartment that I turned into my office/studio. Who really needs a dining room, anyway?).

Sweater Fox Embroidery

Yarn Cat Embroidery

The original designs for both of these had knitting needles tucked in the yarn. I don't knit, but I do love to crochet, so I used Paintshop to change the needles into hooks before printing out the design to trace onto the fabric. For the fox, I wanted it to be colored in, so I did the "melt wax" approach (okay, color in with crayons, then use the iron to melt the wax into the fabric) before embroidering the foxie by hand. For the cat, I picked black with green eyes because that's the color of my own furbaby.

Both of these are finished in the back like how I did this one; it keeps everything all neat and tidy. I handpainted and varnished the frames, too. The ribbon is at the top to hide the knob of the hoop.

The other two things I embroidered were pouches/bags that I'm going to be using for "Dungeons and Dragons".

Bag of Holding!

I actually embroidered this one about two years ago, but my craft bin ate it (I was thinking I had a Bin of Holding, but I'm thinking it's more like a Bin of Devouring). This week I did rediscover it, though, and sewed it up into a pouch. I used green and brown because that's my favorite color combination. I picked a gold ribbon and amber-looking beads to look kinda like treasure. Or something. I liked how it looked, anyway. (Plus I'll be using this for D&D and my character's holy item is amber.)

D&D Feather Pouch

D&D Feather Pouch (with spell cards)

My awesome husband (aka my group's Dungeon Master) bought me the 2nd edition "Deck of Priest Spells"- basically a deck of cards with all the D&D priest spells printed on them. I didn't want to carry around that huge box, however, so when he mentioned just taking the spells I use out instead of carrying them all- well, I needed something to put them in. I decided to sew up a pouch, but also wanted to embroider something onto it to make it more relevant.

I made this to look like something my priest would carry; the bag is very close in color to his robes, feathers are part of his holy item (his holy symbol is a feather inside amber- and a fox with feathered wings, since he has two symbols), and he likes oranges, reds and browns. So this is very personal to my character. Why yes, I am a geek. ;)

The one picture includes the cards I'm going to keep inside. I'm hoping I left room for more cards as I level up and get more spells! (That priesthood follows the god of Messages/Mischief, so they don't do much in the way of combat- but they have TONS of spells. I think I have about 130 cards!)

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