Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art Update - Pac-Man crafting

My husband won a whole bunch of Pac-Man plushies last summer from a crane machine at the beach (most men spend vacation money on old video game dolls, right?) but while he got the entire set minus one ghost, there wasn't actually a Ms Pac-Man plushie. When he snagged a second Pac-Man, I told him not to worry; I had this one covered. Of course it ended up taking seven months for me to get around to having it covered, but nevermind that. ;)

Since the plushies themselves are felt, I decided felt would be the best option for doing a sex-change operation on the spare Pac-Man. I cut out the shape of the eyelashes, mole, and lips, and glued them onto the doll. The bow was a bit more trouble since I'd never made a bow before, but after looking up pictures of bows online and having a few false starts, I came up with a design that would work. Here's a picture as I was working; poor voodoo Pac-Man!

Once the glue was dry, I sewed the bow onto "her" head, and tada!

I returned her to her previous home with the rest of the plushies. Pac-Man looks a bit confused:

Our bedroom decor is actually Pac-Man themed (in hindsight, giving all those video game things to my husband before we moved in together was probably a bad idea, lol!). Here's just a portion of the theme we have going on- more things are on other walls:

(My poor bear and cats and stuff look so out of place with the video game things!)

And I don't think I ever shared the polymer clay magnets I made for my husband a few months ago, so now's as good a time as any! These are about 1 1/2" tall.

Pacman magnets

I love that my husband is such a geek; it gives me an excuse to make geeky things! (He hates being called a geek, though, which I think is silly. I'm quite proud of my geek status and one of the reasons that I love him is because we have similar interests. Embrace the geekiness, love!)

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