Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A look into my studio

Today I updated the About page in my Etsy shop with new photos and bios for my helpers and realized that I never shared pictures on my blog of my new studio like I meant to do months ago. Whoops! Last summer my then-fiancé and I moved into our own place. It's a small apartment, but it's really nice and has lots of natural light. My husband is also an amazing, wonderful man because right from the beginning he had no problem with turning our dining room nook (corner of the living room) into my office/studio. For this I am so incredibly thankful! It gives me space to work, space for my desk, bins, and a shelf, and it gets lots of natural light since this side of the apartment faces west (and I usually am working in the afternoon).

Over the past few months I've been gradually working to make that space truly my own- having never really had a studio/office before, this is awesome!

Here's my corner, being all bright and colorful:

A closeup:

Yes, lots of foxes, cats, unicorns, and plushies of my characters (four live on my desk, three in the vase on the shelf). I'm still a kid at heart. ;) Up on that shelf are fake flowers; the blue ones are my wedding bouquet. Getting to see them all the time makes me happy that I didn't go with real flowers. :)

Here's a closeup of my desk:

A fairy wand and rubber duckies. Yup, I'm still a kid! You can tell here that I love animals- I have a collection of little ones living under my monitor along with Aragorn (I keep meaning to turn him into a geocaching travel bug to send him around the country, but haven't gotten around to it yet) and a bunch of dice (minus my crocheted D4, the real ones also came from geocaches, speaking of, as did most of my rubber ducks). Peeking out from behind my wand and paintbrushes is a drawing of cartoon Legolas that my friend drew for me (that always gets a place of honor on my desk!). The plushies on the right are four of my characters (two D&D, one writing, the fairy is of my art muse- and in the background you can see a bunch of the plushies I've made for my husband), the cardinal and mouse are part of a cosplay/costume but live on my desk the rest of the time, and the red and white card is the one with the silly kobold that my husband drew for Valentine's day.

Enough rambling! There's one other part to my studio, which is a shelf that I'm gradually painting vines over. This is just behind my desk chair:

The bottom two shelves are beads, the 2nd from the bottom also has ribbon, a yarn knitter thing, and a small sewing machine, 3rd up is my shipping materials shelf, above that are my jump rings in a large basket, and the basket at the top is extra odds and ends and my folded-up lightbox. Someday I'll be done painting the green vines on this shelf!

This isn't all of my art supplies; I have bins and bins of yarn that take up most of the hall closet. (Who cares if my clothes are jammed and wrinkled in there? Yarn trumps clothes. lol!)

Okay, it's not much to look at, but I love it so I wanted to share. :) I have dreams of one day having my own room where I can paint the walls whatever I want (I'd love to have a mural of a forest), build all sorts of shelving, get the large art supplies I've always wanted (sewing machine, spinning wheel, kiln/pottery wheel...) but considering that prior to last summer I was working out of my small bedroom at my parents' house, I'll gladly take a corner of the apartment! At least it's mine! :D

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