Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art Update - I'm related to a cartoon character

And for once I'm not referring to my goofy husband who's part kobold. ;) This past weekend was my dad's birthday and I had spent all month racking my brain to figure out what to make him- I've already done a few dragons and last year my husband and I had put together a geocaching kit for him.

Remembering that geocaching present from last year gave me an idea, though! My dad uses Yosemite Sam as his geocaching username, and rightly so. I mean, just look at that mustache! (It's grey now, but it used to be very red.)

Last year my husband drew Yosemite Sam holding a walking stick and GPS, which my dad uses as his geocaching avatar:

And that drawing was what gave me an idea. I would make a plushie of that avatar! Unfortunately I only had about a week to work with, so I didn't have time to make a pattern from scratch- but Ravelry came to my rescue! Amazingly someone had already come up with a crochet pattern for Yosemite Sam, which would save me a lot of time. It was a really good pattern, too, so I got the plushie done on time- well, sort of. The fabric paint on the doll was still a bit tacky when my dad unwrapped this present and I didn't have a chance to paint anything on the GPS screen like I'd planned, but it was done! :)

Here's Sam, in all his geocaching glory. (The pattern called for pistols but I made the walking stick and GPS instead.)

Yosemite Sam Plushie
Yosemite Sam Plushie

My dad was beaming from ear to ear when he saw what was in that wrapped box! I love making plushies, so it always makes me happy when people appreciate the work that goes into them. :D

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