Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Update - My crochet hooks are giving me fairies and elves again!

I've been working on quite a few plushies this year. Since fairies and elves like to hang out and cause mischief, those are the two I'll share today. ;)

First up is the fairy doll that I made for a special custom order. Oh my gosh, this was so much fun to make! Here's the finished result:

Fairy Doll - finished!
Fairy Doll - finished!

She's about 6" tall and almost entirely crocheted. There's a lot of painted embellishments and a chain circlet, too! The eyes are plastic ones that I painted green.

Here's what she looked like to start. Rather bland, I know!

Fairy Doll - work in progress

But the blandness didn't last long! Soon she found some blue pieces of jewelry- and to her surprise, vines began to grow when she put those on:

Fairy Doll - work in progress 2

After deciding that she wanted her ears even more adorned, she tried on a dress and modeled a new pair of wings:

Fairy Doll - work in progress 3

Then she realized something else was missing... her hair, of course! To have hair, though, she needed to give up her wings for a bit, but she wasn't worried. Soon she would fly!

Fairy Doll - work in progress 4

Her patience paid off- while her hair was growing, her dress and wings grew an ivy leaf and flowers. Now she's a pretty fairy, ready to make her way in the world. (She's flying all the way to Germany, in fact!)

Fairy Doll - finished!

While I had the yarn out for the fairy's hair, I realized that was exactly the color of the tunic that my half-elf wears in the story that I'm writing. This could only mean one thing: playing dress up with dolls! (My inner six year old squealed in delight!) Once the fairy flew off on her adventures eastwards, I grabbed Raff off my desk, snatched up that wine-colored yarn and my crochet hooks, and crochetcrochetcrochet I went. I had my fingers crossed the whole time (okay, maybe not the whole time since you can't really crochet with fingers crossed!) that I'd be able to make his tunic look the way it does in my head. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! The sleeves are supposed to be loose, with the white bindings around them to keep them out of the way; this looks pretty close to how I imagine the arm bindings and the sash that serves as a belt.

Here's my elf, ready to go undercover in his new costume:

Raff D&D plushie - tunic Raff D&D plushie - tunic

For a bit of geeky ramblings, there's a reason this character is no longer dressed in his uniform as a priest of the god of Mischief/Messages. In this story he was captured (all his possessions- minus his loyal pet mouse- taken who knows where) and held prisoner until he was finally rescued by a healer of the god of Love/Truth. In an effort to not be tracked down by the baddie, Raff pretends to be a human healer but has to mooch his new friend's clothes (who was much taller than this half-elf, hence why the tunic and pants on the doll are so long).

I could ramble on and on about plot ideas, but don't worry, I won't get into that here. (Generally I keep that over on my writing blog.) I am hoping that since Raff's now sitting on my desk looking relevant, I'll actually be able to finish the first draft of this story that I started months ago. However, what's actually happening is that I'm wanting to make all the other characters in doll form. That plan backfired!

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