Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Update - Too many eyes in these plushies!

I realized I haven't shared the plushies I made for Christmas presents so here they are. Normally I make up my own patterns as I go along, but I ran out of time in December for that, so had to go with ones I found on Ravelry. That site's always a lifesaver in terms of presents. ;)

For my husband, the Dungeon Master of our D&D game where we conveniently had a beholder encounter recently, I made this beholder plushie:
Beholder plushie

He couldn't figure out why I needed a billion tiny googly eyes until he opened this present. ;) I crocheted pipecleaners into each of the eyestalks, so you can actually move them around so they face different directions. The pattern came from here, but someone on Ravelry had created one for the mouth. Since D&D beholders have mouths, I added that in. Now I'm itching to write my own pattern to create a rust monster or a displacer beast, so we'll see.

He's also really into Pac-Man, so I made him a set of ghosts, too:
Pacman ghost plushies

I'm not completely happy with how the bottom ruffled bit turned out on the orange one (I think that yarn may have been a bit thinner than the other yarns), but I think they're pretty cute! This pattern came from here. (I think it's a record at 19 eyes on his presents this year!)

And for my dearest elfsister, I made this little wolf plushie:
Wolf plushie
Wolf plushie

She loves wolves, so I was happy to find this cute wolf pattern.

I've been working on a few other plushies, so I'll be sharing those at some point in the near future.

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