Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photo Challenge: Water, Bought, Sweet, Love, Reflection, Shoes

I'm taking part in a photo-a-day challenge, which is something entirely new to me. I joined hoping to have fun and that I'd finally learn how to use all the settings on the camera I got years ago; still working on that one, but I am having fun! Since the photo group I'm in is a closed Facebook group (although you're welcome to join us here!), my elfsister was sad that she wouldn't see the pictures I was posting. At her request, I'm going to do weekly blog posts with my photos from that week.


(Watering one of my plants.)

Something you bought:

(Colorful hairballs. Okay, they're hair extensions that I was curling. Bought them recently from this Etsy shop.)


(Doubly sweet because my sweetheart husband baked me a yummy apple pie from scratch.)

Someone you love:

(Speaking of husbands, this ended up being "someones you love" when he picked up our cat. Clara loves attention and was doing happy pawpaws in the picture.)


(The lyric booklet with my favorite Blackthorn song "Reflection".)

Your shoes:

(My favorite pair of shoes are my comfy leather elf boots- they came from this Etsy shop.)

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