Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Reaching for creativity in 2014

Happy new year! 2013... well, it had its ups and downs. Hoping that 2014 will be far more ups! *fingers and toes crossed for luck!* I have a few goals for the new year that I'm going to try to keep attainable. I figure if I write them down, hopefully I'll remember them and at least hit a few on my way towards 2015. My big, all-encompassing theme is creativity. I got into a rut this past year so I'm determined to shake that off. (Okay, not literally considering that said rut was largely caused by the dizziness I fought all year and shaking and moving quickly is a bad idea, so maybe I'll just carefully sidle past my rut. That sounds much safer!)

Here's my list of goals:
~Blog more. (Hey, look, I'm already off to a good start on that one! Hooray!)

~Try new kinds of art and work on expanding the kinds I already do. (My main plans are learning new chainmaille weaves and embroidery stitches, but I want to do more with clay, costume bits, and dice.)

~Shift my shop into a more geeky/fantasy direction. (I'm going to still do earrings, but I want to focus more on other things. I'm not a huge fan of repetition, so I need to change it up so I'm making more than one thing.)

~Work on all types of art year-round. (Inevitably I get to October and I have nothing ready for Halloween. It's like I can't understand the concept of a calendar. Sheesh.)

~Write as many days a week as possible. (I'm going to aim for four to start- not the level of constant writing of NaNoWriMo, but enough that I won't forget what I'm writing by skipping too many days. I may share some of my writing progress here, but mostly that goes over on my writing blog.)

~Finish my 2013 NaNo novel and work on the other writings I have in various levels of completion so I can get some first drafts and short stories finished this year. (Right now I'm decidedly not speaking to my 2012 NaNo novel. My 2013 has potential not just in itself, but as the start of a series, so that's taking precedence. I love my silly carnival performers so it's been a blast having these characters in my head since November!)

Basically I want to spent 2014 feeling positive and creative and I hope that's energy I can spread. :)

The best part of 2013 was my wonderful husband. Josh and I had our delayed honeymoon this summer (a trip to the beach- it was fun!) and in October reached our first wedding anniversary and the 11th anniversary of when we started dating. He always makes me laugh and is a constant source of humor and inspiration. Here's a picture of us taken on Christmas; it's kind of blurry, but I like it. :)

Happy new year and belated happy holidays!

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