Thursday, February 13, 2014

Art Update - Dungeons and Dragons plushies

Besides the plushies I made for Christmas presents, I also had the opportunity recently to make a really fun pair of custom plushies based on "Dungeons and Dragons" characters. I LOVE getting custom orders like that because I have a blast making the dolls look as close to the characters as possible and working in as many little details as I can. And I love D&D, so it's win-win. ;)

These are Astrid and Ronar, D&D rangers with tiny bows and quivers:

Here are more pictures of Astrid:
D&D Elf Ranger Plushie
D&D Elf Ranger Plushie
D&D Elf Ranger Plushie
Astrid is an elf with blind (blank/whited out) eyes. The plastic eyes I used are clear, but they photograph a little funny. (I had that problem with the doll at the bottom of this post, too.) I tried to do lots of little details on this one, like her cloak, the tiny feather on her bow and tucked into her hair, and the lacings on her felt bracers.

And here are more pictures of Ronar:

D&D Human Ranger Plushie
D&D Human Ranger Plushie

The quivers are really tiny. Here's a closeup of Ronar's; Astrid's is similar but brown instead of black and the clay arrow fletchings I have sticking out of hers are yellow-green.

Ronar has regular eyes, so for him the details were things like the painted scar across his face, the painted lacings on his shirt and bracer, and the tiny braid in his hair.

To help me get a feel for what the characters looked like, as well as giving me descriptions, I was also given sketches of the characters. (This is always a big help!) I had to take a few artistic liberties (although Ronar's pants really should be black, lol), but I tried to stay as close to the sketches and descriptions as I could. Here are the sketches for comparison.

I want to say a big, big thanks to this awesome couple for giving me the opportunity to immortalize their characters in plushie form. I had a blast working on these!


While I was working on these dolls, I finally got around to finishing the dolls I started of two of my own characters years ago. The one was missing her bow and quiver and the other needed his facial hair painted on, so I finished these while I had the paint, felt, and clay out. These are technically almost Dungeons and Dragons characters- Meren started out as one, but Seph just exists in that world. A bit confusing, but that's the downside of my husband using the same world for D&D that I use for writing, lol. Hooray, joint world-building with your spouse?

This is Meren, my wood elf:

Meren D&D Plushie (Wood Elf)
Meren D&D Plushie (Wood Elf)
Meren D&D Plushie (Wood Elf)

Like the rangers, she also got a bow and quiver. I sort of based this doll of off this character art, but I changed up her clothes a little because I wanted to play around with scraps of leather, so she ended up in summer clothes rather than spring. I decided to make her a little clay amulet, which is the plot point in the story I wrote about this character several years ago, and put this on a little chain. Her tattoos are fabric paint- as a wood elf, she's pretty much all tattoo.

And the other doll I finished is Seph, my healer-priest of Eros:

Seph D&D Plushie (Healer Priest)
Seph D&D Plushie (Healer Priest)

In Seph's case, he's almost identical to the avatar art I created for him. (Or, rather, the avatar art is almost identical to the doll since I made the doll first.) This doll is another case of wonky blind eyes; his are red-violet without pupils, which sort of works with this kind of plastic eyes. (Astrid's clear works a little better than Seph's painted ones.) Around his neck is the arrow medallion that's the symbol of his religious order, and I added his magical blindfold (gives the character a kind of sight) that I crocheted and embroidered. There are wraps on his sleeves to tie them back (the sleeves are actually supposed to be billowy, but that's hard to do with crochet) and he's carrying his satchel (holds his healing supplies).

Now that I finished the Seph doll, I really need to get back to working on his story (that was my '12 NaNoWriMo novel), but I'm still working on my '13 novel. That means that at some point I'll be making dolls of my current batch of characters. Although since it took me years to finish Meren and Seph (Meren was from '11), we'll see how long it is before I even start the new ones. LOL!


mirsini's creations said...

I LOooove your crochet elves !!!!! Amazing work !!!!
Kisses sweet elf !! :)

Meri Greenleaf said...

Awww, thank you! :D

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