Saturday, February 22, 2014

Photo Challenge: Love, Flower, Emotion, Out of the Ordinary, Color, Arriving, Stand

Time for more pictures from the photo-a-day challenge!


(We've been playing Katamari a lot recently, so for Valentine's Day, my husband made me a little papercraft June to go with his Opeo. They're adorable!)


(My wedding bouquet in a vase with some other fake flowers, ever guarded by my unicorn plushies, a fluffy blue dragon, and my fox embroidery.)


(My favorite picture of me and my husband as pirates. Grinning, happy pirates.)

Out of the ordinary:

(My LotR and Hobbit action figures were living life normally until my husband decided to stick his weird lizard guy there.)


(The sand in a glass vase from the unity thingy part of my wedding ceremony. My color is always green, his is always blue.)


(The cat waiting patiently for her daddy to get home from work and feed her. She does this every day.)

From where I stand:

(The dedication bricks that are the sidewalk at the local library.)

Out and about:

(Took advantage of the warm weather and [finally!] melting snow to go to the library, which is the interesting building on the right. I mean, how cool is this building??)

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