Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Photo Challenge: Old, Color, Made, Light, Red, Shadow, Gathering, Circle

Here's the next update for the "photo-a-day" challenge that I'm taking part in. I'd fallen a little behind (and had to cheat a few days with previously taken pictures) because I had surgery on my hand last week, but now I'm caught up. :)

Something old:

(A small part of my husband's NES video game collection.)

Something you made:

(A pair of custom plushies I've been working on. I'll be blogging the finished pictures this week!)


(Spent the day after having surgery wearing comfy colorful pajamas.)


(My cat found her sunny spot.)


(The adorable wyvern plushie my husband got me for Christmas. It came from this Etsy shop.)


(The book I just finished reading. I loved it!)


(My husband's been playing with my Lord of the Rings legos again and is apparently acting out the scene with the wizards. lol!)


(Two of the dreamcatchers I have hanging above my desk.)

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