Saturday, February 15, 2014

Photo Challenge: Three, Looking Up, Floor, Pink, Stripes, Heart, Delicate

Here's the next batch of pictures from the "photo-a-day" challenge. If you want to join us, the group I'm in is here on Facebook.


(My favorite trio of Boss, Gork, and Igik. These are plushies I made a few years ago of the main goblins from my husband's neglected comic. Here's what they normally look like.)

On the floor:

(The same thing that's usually on my floor. Hi, Clara!)

Looking up:

(Something I wish I did when I was taking down Christmas decorations last month because I forgot about this one!)


(Apparently the only pink thing I own is my hula hoop, so I decided to give it a try again after months and months. Good news: I can still go 10 minutes. Bad news: Ow, my knees.)


(Doing laundry and ended up with a pile of striped socks.)


(When I asked my husband what I should do for this theme, he picked the card he drew for me a few months ago. He's my favorite kobold!)

Something delicate:

(I'm so sick of yet another snowstorm that I decided to do what I do in warm weather: paint henna vines. The ones on my hand are pretty delicate.)

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