Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photo Challenge: Birthday, Baby Me, Addicted, Favorite Band, Bucketlist, Day, Night

Weekly photo challenge update time! (Ignore the fact that I'm actually really behind with these...)

Last birthday:

(I went to my first convention near my birthday last summer and this leather satchel was one of the birthday presents I got. I love this bag!)

Baby me:

(I still have the same cheesy grin.)


(I asked my husband's opinion and he said "your hula hoop" since I've been going on and on about learning to hoop dance, but I haven't gotten the nice hoop yet, so instead here are the juggling balls I crocheted recently. Juggling's the other thing I've become addicted to lately.)

Favorite band/artist:

(Wearing my Enter the Haggis tshirt!)


(One of these days I'd like to get back into trying to teach myself Old English, so here are my textbooks on the shelf. I'm determined to learn that language at some point in my life!)

My day:

(That day I ran errands to pick up beads and hula hoops [going to adjust them into cheap doubles/minis]. Pretty colors!)

My night and bad habit:

(Fell behind with this challenge so I did two in one. Staying up late to work on writing is my bad habit, although 2am is actually early for me; sometimes I can get into a groove and stay up until 4 or 5am.)


mirsini's creations said...

Hi Meri ! It' s so fun to see your photos and read your comments !!! I like your leather bag, wonderful birthday gift !!!!!....and i have to say that you were such a cute baby elf-girl !!!!
Juggling was an old passion for me too and now you reminded me how nice it was when my life was more playful !!!
Take care Meri Greenleaf !! Kisses ! :)

Meri Greenleaf said...

Hiya! I'm glad you liked them! It's a lot of fun coming up with something to photograph for each day's theme. :)

I love that bag- and it's handmade, too, which is even better. Heehee, thanks- I do love that picture of little me. Juggling is so much fun! I'd like to be able to work my way up to rings, but right now I'm still trying to master the balls.

*hugs back at you!*

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