Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Photo Challenge: Relax, Together, Leaving, Fabric, Last, Profile Picture, Show

Here's the next batch from the photo-a-day challenge.


(The pile of books I currently have sitting on the coffee table. I pick one to read at night to relax. The one in the blue-green cover is The Two Towers since I'm usually passively rereading a Tolkien book.)


(This is hanging on the wall in my Pac-Man themed bedroom. What can I say, I'm an awesome wife, lol.)


(Or "leafing" maybe? I'm not going anywhere this week and my husband leaves for work while I'm asleep, so I had to fudge this one.)


(Literally. My drawer of craft fabrics.)


(I hate taking pictures of food, but the last banana looked so lonely and outnumbered.)

Facebook profile picture:

(Cosplay taken two years ago of one of my characters. Don't most aspiring novelists dress in costumes? They totally should!)

Favorite show:

(I feel like such a weirdo for the fact that I don't have a favorite show and don't watch much tv. My husband and I do watch a lot of Star Trek on Netflix, though, so I guess that's my current favorite. Right now we're on Voyager.)

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