Thursday, April 03, 2014

Photo Challenge: Green, Favorite Night, Last Year, Mirror, Insecurity, Old Friend, Indulgence, Black & White

Something green:

(The really awesome custom hula hoop I got from Etsy. I love this thing!)

Favorite night:

(Game night, either to play geeky board or card games or to get together for our "Dungeons and Dragons" game.)

Me last year:

(This was taken on vacation in Wildwood, NJ last summer. I don't think we can swing a vacation this year, which makes me sad. It was so much fun!)

Mirror picture:

(I wasn't going to bother taking a picture of myself, but I wanted to show my hair extensions to a friend anyway. Next time I'll do something more creative with a mirror.)

Biggest insecurity:

(That what I create isn't good enough, that I'll never make it as an artist and author, that I'll lose my motivation to do what I love... although I'm always my own worst critic. These are some of my tools sitting on my writing notebook.)

An old friend:

(The very first plushie and second crochet project that I made almost a decade ago. I keep this tiny wonky cat around to remind me how far I've come.)

My indulgence:

(Henna. I'm constantly painting myself with henna because I find it really relaxing and I love being able to indulge in tattoo designs without them being permanent. [I'm so fickle- how could I ever pick something that's there forever?] Right now this is the simple design on my palm. It's inspired by one of my writing characters who has the same kind of design on his hand.)

Black and white:

(One of my many bead bins.)

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