Sunday, April 13, 2014

Photo Challenge: Outfit, Collect, Sister, Self Portrait, Starts With A, Number 1, Up Close

More pictures from the photo-a-day challenge! :)

Something I collect:

(Foxes. Here are two of my many fox things. I made and embroidered the one on the left. The mask I got at a craft show.)

Outfit of the day:

(I've had this shirt since high school. I think I'm amazed that fifteen years later I can still fit into my clothes from then!)

My sister:

(This is a really old picture of us- geez, it was taken when I was in college, so at least a decade ago- but it's my favorite one I have of me and my sister. She looks so different now!)

Faceless self portrait:

(Oh look, henna again. I tend to take a lot of pictures of my henna, lol. Right now I'm on a moon and sun kick because those are the kind of tattoos two of the characters in the novel I'm writing have.)

Starts with "A":

(A Midsummer Night's Dream. My elf-sister and I decided to start reading Shakespeare since she hasn't read much of him and I've slacked off since college. I feel guilty about this since I kind of focused on Renaissance literature with my degree and it's a neglected great love of mine...)

Number 1:

(That's the number of the Magician tarot card and this is that card from my favorite deck.)

Up close and personal:

(All up in my cat's personal space.)

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