Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Update - Colorful Cartilage Earrings

I've made a whole bunch of custom earrings so far this year, so I'm going to share those with you today. :) These are custom, but my ready-made ones are on Etsy and Artfire.

Blue, Green, and Silver Double Pierced Cartilage Chain Earrings:
Blue Double Pierced Cartilage Chain Earrings
These are similar to this one, but with two pierced earlobe posts on the one and a matching earring for the other ear.

Blue, Green, and Brown Leaf Cartilage Chain Earrings:
Blue and Green Cartilage Chain Earrings
Blue and Green Cartilage Chain Earrings
At the top of the cartilage connecting earring is a 16 gauge barbell rather than a standard pierced earring stud. You can see that better here:
Blue and Green Cartilage Chain Earrings
This pair actually has two slightly different versions because I changed up the beaded drops.

Green Celtic Heart Cartilage Chain Earrings
Green Celtic Heart Cartilage Chain Earrings
The colors are kind of blurred/washed out due to bad lighting that day, so try to ignore that. ;)

I promise that I have been working on things other than blue and green!
Pink and Silver Rose Cartilage Chain Ear Cuffs:
Pink and Silver Cartilage Chain Earrings
Those chains connect up to clip on ear cuffs. I like the look of the silver bead caps with the rose charms. I'll have to find more of those charms- they're cute!

Silver and Red Celtic Heart Cartilage Chain Earrings:
Silver and Red Cartilage Chain Earrings

Gold Rose Cartilage Connecting Chain Earrings:
Gold Rose Cartilage Connecting Chain Earrings
These two pairs of earrings were made for the same person, so they both have a cartilage piercing for both ears and three earlobe posts on one and four on the other. (The silvers are sterling silver and the golds are 14k gold on these.) I know the gold ones look really smooshed on the ear, but my mannequin is smaller than life-sized, so on an actual person they don't look so crowded.

Okay, that's enough earrings for now. I've been working on other art-y things recently, so I'll share that next time. :)

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