Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photo Challenge: Beholder, Name, Past, LOL, Guilty Pleasure, Kiss, Background

I ended up skipping all of May so far with the photo challenge- honestly, I lost track of May in general. It's been a rough couple of weeks (my family could really use some good news right about now!), but I'm going to try to start taking pictures daily again. :)

Starts with 'b':

(A blurry beholder. I'm not sure why my camera was being so blurry today! This was a plushie I crocheted for my husband for Christmas.)

A name:

(The only thing I could find with a name on it was the drawing my husband did for Christmas cards two years ago. What do you mean, Boss, Igik, and Gork aren't real?)

Throwback Thursday:

(My dad snapped this picture of me while we were geocaching back in 2011. Whenever we end up near a playground, I always always jump on one of the bouncy animals.)


(I mentioned the theme to my husband and didn't realize he'd heard me. A few minutes later he comes dancing into the room wearing his kobold hat and playing the harmonica. Yup, LOL moment!)

Guilty pleasure:

(The small part of my fantasy novel collection. Okay, it's probably not overly guilty because I love the genre so much that it's also the one I write, but considering that I focused on classic literature in college and that's my other literary love... yeah, I guess this one is kind of silly.)


(The cover of the photo album/scrapbook my sister made of pictures from my wedding.)

Lock screen/background:

(This drawing makes me giggle every time I see it, so I made it my wallpaper. I'm learning hoop dancing and I'm a huge LotR fan.)

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