Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Art Update - Geeky writing inspired charm bracelet

Today I'm sharing pictures of the charm bracelet I put together yesterday. It's very simple compared to the other one I made myself a few years ago, but I kind of like that about this. It makes it lighter on my wrist. This is much geekier than it looks, which I'll explain in a second. First, pictures!

Writing Charm Bracelet
Writing Charm Bracelet
Writing Charm Bracelet

Like that previous bracelet, which was inspired by the novel I was working on at the time, this one is inspired by the '13 NaNoWriMo novel I've been chugging along on for a few months. I rambled more about the meanings of the charms and why I picked them over on my writing blog, but basically the charms represent each of the seven protagonists in the story; I'm currently writing about carnival performers and artists, so the charms are the mime, the fire-eater, the blade-dancer, the painter, the fire-dancer, the fire-breather, and the musician.

The neat thing is that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make this bracelet because money's been tight this month so I couldn't justify spending money on the charm I was missing. (All the ones I was finding online that would work were really expensive.) Without that charm, the bracelet would have been pointless to make because the painter is the main protagonist and I didn't have anything in my charm stash that would work for him. Then at the craft store this week fate smiled upon me and I stumbled across the artist palette for $1. I snatched that right up!

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