Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo Challenge: Love, Black and White, Yellow, Friends, Summer, Fun, Selfie

I'm super behind with the daily photo challenge again- I think I missed most of May and June. I'm not going back to do the ones I missed, so I'll just try to catch more of them from here on out. :)


(I was laying out the plushies I'm working on and my cat flopped her head down on one of them. "I love this one, Mommy!" must have been her thought.)

Black and White:
(Another cat photo. Lesson learned: taking a picture of a black cat with the black and white filter doesn't do much. LOL!)


(My mom gave me two bags of old yarn and my first thought was "that's a heck of a lot of yellow". I got this a week after I finished a plushie that was mostly yellow and was scrounging for yarn since I didn't have much that color- go figure!)


(The photo collage frame my sister made me years ago.)


(My cat loves that we have the windows open now that the weather is nice. What's funny is that after two years of living in this apartment, she just realized she can look out of the window. Turns out that there's such a thing as an "outside".)


(Finally got around to taping the cheap hula hoops I bought months ago at the grocery store. Love the paint splatter duct tape!)


(Of course I get back into this photo challenge just in time for yet another selfie-type theme. Sigh. Here's me today.)

Wow, that was a lot of cat pictures in this post. I swear I didn't do that on purpose and the themes were actually spaced a few weeks apart. ;)

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