Friday, July 18, 2014

Art Update - Custom Cartilage Chain and Double Lobe Earrings

Recently I've been making connecting chain earrings for custom orders for my Etsy shop. I love custom orders because it means I can experiment with ideas and colors I wouldn't normally have chosen or thought to make. That's always fun!

First up is a pair of double pierced lobe earrings with gunmetal colored spikes, double silver chains, and purple semi-precious stone beads:
Purple and Silver Double Pierced Spike Earrings

This pair of black and silver bow cartilage chain earrings were a kind of combination of these feather earrings and these bow earrings. That's why I love custom orders- I wouldn't have thought to combine those. :) The one earring connects between two lobe piercings and a cartilage piercing while the other connects between two earlobe piercings:
Triple and Double Pierced Black and Silver Bow Cartilage Chain Earrings
These are a custom order, but I liked the idea so much that I have them in my shop as a regular listing, too.

These are probably my favorite of the bunch, but that's just because I'm partial to greens and browns and leaves. ;) This pair of double pierced earrings connects between two earlobe posts with handmade chains and has dangling glass leaf beads:
Double Lobe Connecting Chain Leaf Earrings - Brown and Green

This arrow cartilage chain earring was another neat idea a customer had- combining the handmade multi-color chain with a thinner silver-plated chain to connect from the earlobe to the upper ear cuff. I wish the picture had come out clearer, though, because it's hard to see the purple and black chain here:
Arrow Cartilage Chain Ear Cuff Earring


This week I realized that I had made a ton of earrings about a year ago that I never got around to photographing and listing. Since I have so many of them, I decided that I'm going to list some of them in batches in my Etsy shop rather than individually. I feel like I'm swimming in earrings most of the time since I'm always coming across ones I'd made and forgotten about. Or possibly I'm making them in my sleep. Considering that I'm an insomniac, probably that one. ;)

So far I listed this series of cartilage chain earrings with colorful spike charms attached. These are fun because the spikes are actually two different sizes at the lobe and the cartilage. The listing is available here with the choice of purple, pink, or red spikes, as well as a choice between pierced cartilage posts or ear cuffs.
Purple and Silver Spike Cartilage Chain Earrings

Pink and Silver Spike Cartilage Chain Earrings

Red and Silver Spike Cartilage Chain Earrings

I have other color spikes, too, so I'll be adding those to my shop later. I'll share more pictures later as I sort through the piles of earrings. Can't I hire a fairy or a brownie or something to do this for me? What helpful creature likes jewelry, anyway? I think a dragon would be too big for my apartment and the cat is absolutely no help. ;)

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