Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trove Treasures - Celestial Fantasy

Celestial Fantasy

Here are some lovely moon, sun, and star items from the Fantasy Artists of Etsy street team. To find more fantastical pretties, search faeteam on Etsy.

ooak cloth art doll, Aster the star fairy
Wolf Angel - Winged Wolf Art - Fridge Magnet
Petite Siren Tiara
Dragon art, Art Nouveau, fantasy art print, 5x7, limited edition, luna moth - Wishing on a Star
Moon Art Dream Catcher Fantasy Print Dreamcatcher Painting Moon Goddess - Sarah Alden
Ear Cuff Wrap Faerie Moon Goddess
OOAK Mermaid Art Doll Fairy Mermaid Soft Sculpture Cloth Mermaid Doll Blond Purple Violers Fantasy Fairy Mermaid Art Doll
Tea Infuser with Purple Star Charm
Sterling silver Baltic amber necklace, exquisite box clasp, unpolished raw, Sun Moon Summer Solstice pendant - unique silversmithing jewelry
Moon Goddess in Bronze and Red
Bead Embroidered Cabochon Earrings  - Ruby Spikes
SUN Mask,  bright gold with silver leather mask
Sun flames handmade leather mask Mardi Gras masquerade costume Halloween
Original silk painting, fantasy, fairy-tale illustration, fairy scarf, bride, baby, sun, elven fashion, pink scarf, fairy gift idea
The Golden Sun Door
Sun Magick Spell Candle - Success, Illumination, Courage, Power, Creativity, Boosting Energy, Uplifting Moods, Manifest, Enlightenment, Lugh

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(I know I usually title these posts as "Trove Thursday" but I made the treasury on a Friday and didn't want to wait until Thursday to share it. So "Trove Treasures" it is!)

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