Thursday, August 28, 2014

Art Update - Chainmaille Jewelry

I'm trying to work my way into making more chainmaille jewelry, so I was really happy this month when I had the opportunity to make several different colorful things from maille. Hooray!

I know summer is almost over, but I'm still finding myself drawn to blues and purples- aquatic, ocean-y colors. In this case it turned into a mermaid costume circlet when I realized I had cute glass fish-shaped beads in exactly the same color as my light blue jump rings. This circlet crown clasps with a lobster clasp and has beads all around the chainmaille.

You can find this one in my shop here, but I'm open to custom orders, too! :)


Speaking of circlets, this month I also made a purple and black gothic set that included a circlet and a matching hand flower as a birthday gift for a friend.

Purple and Black Chainmaille Circlet Crown

Purple and Black Chainmaille Hand Flower
Purple always gives me so much trouble in photos! In person the beads do match the color of the chainmaille.


Another gift was a late birthday present for my sister who asked for a chainmaille anklet. She has a bunch of these in different colors and this time wanted a blue one. I used two shades of blue along with silver and added matching glass beads.

Silver and Blue Chainmaille Anklet

Blue and Silver Chainmaille Anklet

Can I say how hard it is to photograph your own ankle? I have tons of anklets made and ready to go up in my shops, but I haven't been able to list them because I'm not a contortionist. ;)


The last chainmaille thing I made was a green and black bracelet. This chainmaille bracelet stretches rather than clasps because the black rings are stretchy rubber.

Green and Black Chainmaille Rubber Stretch Bracelet

I can make these in any color as the aluminum jump rings- you can find a listing for that here with some more color examples.

I have a few other chainmaille things that I made recently, but haven't yet photographed, so hopefully I'll be sharing those soon. :)

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