Friday, August 01, 2014

Art Update - Giant Cardboard Dice!

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a strange crafting project with my husband. When he gets the chance (not nearly as frequently as he would like), he does stand up-type comedy and earlier this month he joined in a geek-themed show. His role was as Dungeon Master to an amusing short "Dungeons and Dragons" game played by other comedians, but since this was going to be on stage, he came up with the idea that they needed giant dice to use as props.

My husband is very good with math and shapes, so he figured out pretty quickly how to make a 20-sided, 8-sided, 6-sided, and 4-sided set of dice out of cardboard. He cut these out and taped them together, then dug out Sharpies so we could start coloring them in. This is where I came in because I realized that a.) Sharpies smell terrible, especially for large projects like this, and b.) wouldn't acrylic paint work a lot better? Turns out it did, so I got put on painting duty, which is fine by me because I love an excuse to make a mess with paint!

Several hours later after they were dry I covered them in clear packing tape so they'd stand up to being rolled on stage and so the paint wouldn't rub off because acrylic paint on cardboard gets a little chalky. (I'll forgive my husband for giving me this time-consuming job since he did have to, ya know, write his comedy act and D&D game up.) We were quite pleased with the result, though! They ended up looking exactly like large dice- and they're evenly weighted so they function like dice, too!

Huge cardboard dice!

Huge cardboard dice!
There's a 12" ruler in the second picture for scale; the six-sided purple die is about 5" tall.

They held up during his comedy show, so now we have the set sitting on our end table. The 10-sided and 12-sided dice are a little more complicated, so my husband is going to make them later so we can have a full set. He didn't have time to sort those out before the show, and really, who needs a 12-sided die in 2nd edition D&D? Unless you have a barbarian, they're kind of pointless. ;)

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