Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Art Update - Dragon Horns and Fantasy Ears

I had a few custom orders recently for fun costume type things, so I'm going to share those today. :)

First are two pairs of shiny glitter dragon horns in silver and red. I have a custom listing available here in my Etsy shop for lots of colors, but I'm also able to make horns in other shapes and sizes, too.

Silver Spiral Dragon Horns

Silver Spiral Dragon Horns

Red Dragon or Devil Costume Horns

Red Dragon or Devil Costume Horns

These horns are hand sculpted from polymer clay and coated in glitter and varnish. They're attached to shoelaces that serve as a kind of headband.


I also made a pair of custom hobbit, elf, or vulcan ears. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble photographing these- they kept blending into my mannequin's hair. I really need to get better at taking photos.

And this set of faun (satyr) ears were another custom thing:

All my costume ears are crocheted from acrylic yarn and the headband knots behind the back of the head. There's wire crocheted into the ears themselves so you can actually bend them gently and they'll hold a slightly different shape.

I have custom listings available in my Etsy shop for ears, but I'm hoping to get a few more ready-made ones listed by October. Halloween is fast approaching! Somehow every year September rolls around and I haven't started any Halloween things. I keep telling myself I'll start in the early summer, but that never happens. ;)

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