Here you'll find the comedic fantasy stories of Meri Greenleaf. These are all lighthearted high fantasy with a focus on lgbt+ characters, magic, and family. For more information about the writing, check out the pages and blog posts in the menu above. If you'd like to be alerted about new content (like short stories and moodboards), as well as get updates about my writing, I'd love it if you followed me on Facebook or Twitter.

Short stories from the Unexpected Inspiration series
These are a collection of short stories about artists, inventors, and carnival performers, set in a contemporary high fantasy world. The stories are listed oldest to newest, so the most recent are at the bottom, and I frequently add new stories to this list.

Writing Status
Currently I'm alternating between the 3rd drafts of Colorweaver and Sentinel (books 1&2) and working on a new short story. If you'd like to follow me on Wattpad or Tumblr, I'll share the short stories there as well as on this blog.

As time allows, I'm also in the process of editing/touching up an older novella Hidden Magic so that I can share it on Wattpad; I'm aiming to breathe new life into the story when I update it a chapter at a time. So far I've adjusted up through Chapter 4.



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